Eight essential developments adults social workers should know before their next job interview

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Congratulations! Your job application landed you that interview, but now comes the all-important preparation before the big date. So to help make the preparation a little easier, here’s a run-down of the latest and most topical developments in adults social work from the past six months, from the rise in adult safeguarding cases to the ins and outs of the Care Act’s first year.

1. The Care Act has been with us for more than a year but it’s still being implemented and the tricky task of turning legislation into practice is ongoing. So get ready for your interview but catching up on the ins and outs of the first 12 months of the Care Act with Community Care’s look back at the act’s first 12 months as law.

2. Need to improve your understanding the legal expectations of the Care Act in regards to advocacy cases? Then this Q&A with legal trainer Belinda Schwehr can help.

3. If the job you’re going for involves working with the Mental Capacity Act or service users with dementia or autism, then it’s worth brushing up on the practice guidance the government published in October.

4. Need advice on getting to grips with integrated health and social care teams? Then look no further than these pointers on integrated working from other social workers.

5. The Care Act imposes a duty on councils to address modern slavery. Are you up to speed on how to spot it?

6. Sticking with the Care Act, local authorities report that since the legislation came into force there has been a surge in the number of adult safeguarding case.

7. While the more imminent knowledge and skills test for children’s social workers has grabbed the headlines, the government’s social work workforce reform plans matter to adult services too so it’s worth brushing up on what’s in store.

8. England’s social work regulator, the HCPC, is proposing to introduce five new standards of proficiency for social workers. The proposed standards are based on the input of employers and social work representatives so it’s worth thinking about how would you demonstrate how you meet them during an interview.

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