Starting out

  • Key qualities for social work
    Social work is the most challenging, yet rewarding, vocation. We asked experts and recruiters to identify the raft of personal and professional qualities social workers require to succeed.
  • Social work is one of the most rewarding, yet demanding and skilled professions. “It is the dedication to social work values and social justice and not the compensation, that drives social workers’ practice”, says Claudia Megele, principal social worker at a local authority.
  • This is a pivotal time to join us here in Rotherham. We want the best qualified social workers and team managers to come and join us on our journey to becoming an outstanding borough by 2018.
  • Manchester are recruiting Social Workers now - be best you can be…
  • Nicola Anderson of social work accountants Boox explains what social workers need to think about before deciding going into agency work
  • Starting your first job in children’s social work can be a daunting prospect, but Northamptonshire County Council’s Social Work Academy gives graduates the support they need to begin their career with confidence.
  • Looking for the best place in England to be a social worker? The truth is that there are social worker jobs available across the length and breadth of the UK. Social workers are in great demand at the moment in roles throughout the British Isles.
  • Whether you’re a school-leaver or looking for a change in career; your qualifications can get you on the social care ladder. The qualifications you choose to study for are going to depend on which role you want to take on. As you progress in your career, you will find opportunities to learn and g...
  • If you are wondering what qualities you need to be a social worker, look no further. Social workers rely on their training and experience in a variety of different social settings. But this is only half the story. A social worker needs to have special qualities which help them to do their job well. Carry on reading to discover which qualities are most needed for this role.

  • Changing careers within social work isn’t an easy task, but can be a hugely rewarding one with the potential to reinvigorate your passion for the profession. Social workers Dee Kemp and Rebecca Joy Novell helped us compile this quick list of dos and don’ts for people thinking of ringing the changes.
  • Graduates seeking their first role as a qualified social worker can enhance their employability as well as check Community Care's job pages, finds Daniel Lombard

  • In an increasingly competitive job market, employer references could mean the difference between employment and the dole queue.