Independent Reviewing Officer, Kirklees, Child Protection/Safeguarding Team

13 Nov 2013
11 Dec 2013
Job Sector
Children, Families
Contract Type
Full Time

Independent Reviewing Officer, Kirklees, Child Protection/Safeguarding Team

Qualified Social Worker, Independent Reviewing Officer

Job Description:
Qualified Social Worker, Independent Reviewing Officer

Our client is looking for a registered Social Worker with 2 years+ UK Social Worker experience within a Children’s Social Work team

The responsibilities will include:

•    Applicants must have experience of chairing child protection conferences under the framework of strengthening families
•    Ensure that all agencies are appropriately represented at the conference and that the conference is quorate
•    If the conference is not quorate to determine whether the conference should proceed
•    Ensure all participants, including the parent and child and any advocates/supporters are fully aware of the purpose of the conference and what will happen within the conference
•    Enable all present to participate fully within discussions while maintaining a clear focus on the welfare of the child
•    This will involve ensuring participants analyse the child’s needs and identify any risks to the child and whether the child is at continuing risk of harm
•    Determine whether it is necessary to exclude an individual from the conference or request an individual to leave the conference
•    Determine if a confidential section is required
•    Ensure that appropriate support is available at the conference, e.g. interpreter etc
•    Ensure that the participants make informed systematic and explicit decisions with regard to the registration of children
•    To decide the category of registration of the child if participants have agreed the child is at continued risk of harm
•    Ensure the conference participants make appropriate recommendations on the outline of a child protection plan including the role of agencies and the family in ensuring the child is protected from harm
•    Determine registration in circumstances whereby a majority decision cannot be reached
•    Ensure that the minutes of the meeting are accurate and are distributed appropriately
•    Ensure that all agencies have undertaken their responsibilities in accordance with Kirklees ACPC procedures and the individual agencies procedures
•    Ensure that all agencies and the parents are working in accordance with a clearly defined and understood child protection plan
•    Ensure the child protection plan identifies the risks to the child and the role and responsibility of each agency and the parents in preventing harm to the child
•    Ensure the plan contains desired outcomes that can be achieved within time scales that reflect the child’s needs
•    Ensure the participants make appropriate recommendations regarding any need for alterations to the child protection plan
•    Ensure that participants make informed and systematic and explicit decisions with regard to continued registration or de-registration
•    Decide on additional or different categories of registration as determined by continued assessment and/or further incidents of harm
•    Ensure that management are made aware of any concerns that the plan is not actioned and/or protecting the child
•    Define the purpose and remit of the meeting in accordance with the Kirklees ACPC procedures
•    Ensure that each agency has appropriate representation, this may include, in addition to childcare professionals, representation from agencies personnel departments etc
•    Ensure the participants appropriately assess the information provided to identify any potential risks to children from an identified individual/s
•    Ensure a plan is determined at the meeting that will include immediate action to protect children, further assessment/evidence gathering and the role and responsibility of each agency within this
•    Ensure further meetings are convened if necessary
•    Provide advice and guidance to all ACPC member agencies throughout the child protection process
•    Provide information and evidence to member agencies in circumstances where professionals have failed to comply with procedures
•    Ensure agencies work in partnership and to agreed procedures by providing advice and consultation where agencies have different plans/assessments with regard to a child
•    Where appropriate to provide information to the child protection custodian, the ACPC chairperson, member agencies, ACPC representatives in circumstances of a conflict or the failure of agencies to work together to safeguard a child
•    To participate in the serious case reviews to provide advice and guidance to the ACPC Serious Case Review Panel with regard to child protection procedures and good practice
•    To chair statutory reviews for looked after children in accordance with statutory responsibilities and local authority procedures
•    To ensure that Children & Young People Service and all other agencies participate within the review process in accordance with individual agency procedures and statutory requirements
•    To ensure that children and parents are able to participate fully within the review and are fully aware of the purpose and process of the review and that their view is understood and taken into account
•    To ensure the authority responds as a ‘corporate parent’ for the looked after child ensuring education, health and other needs are identified and met in accordance with the care plan
•    To ensure that the plans for the child are comprehensive and meet all the child’s needs within timescales and persons responsible for implementing any decisions are identified
•    To ensure that all agencies, including Children & Young People Service, have undertaken their roles and responsibilities within the child’s plan and provide information and evidence to the agency in circumstances where they have failed to do so
•    To provide recommendations with regard to the child’s looked after plan
•    To provide an accurate record of the meeting to Children & Young People Service for distribution
•    To inform the child of their right to complain and to have an independent legal advocate
•    To assist the child to obtain legal advice or to establish whether an appropriate adult assist the child in cases whereby the child wishes to take legal procedures
•    To negotiate with local authority management up to the highest level, following the process laid down in procedures, to resolve any problems concerning the child’s care plan
•    To decide the timescales in which an issue should be resolved and make this clear to the local authority at each stage
•    In exceptional circumstances, where a satisfactory resolution has not been achieved through negotiations with local authority management to the highest level and there is a danger of the child’s human rights being breached, the IRO will need to consider using their power to refer to CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service)
•    Child Protection work
•    Care Management
•    Manage a case load
•    Liaise with other professionals
•    37 hours per week (flexible by negotiation)
•    3 month Temporary Contract
•    Start date subject to CRB and reference clearance

The successful candidate will need to hold a DipSW or equivalent must be registered with the HCPC, have a current CRB and be a car driver.

If you are not an HCPC registered Qualified Social Worker with a minimum of 2 years+ UK Post Qualifying Social Work experience, you are not eligible for this role, so please do not apply!

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